God can have good come from any situation

Praise you Jesus! You are an awesome God! Last night I cut my thumb on a new kitchen knife and went to the out-patient to have stitches. But I did not need them as the cut had put itself together, probably since it was a sharp knife and the cut was clean (a dull knife might not have cut as deep, but would have been not so clean). The doctor cleaned and glued it.

As I was waiting for the doctor to return, another person was admitted in the area right next to me. The only thing between us was the curtain. She was crying in pain. The doctor and nurse was helping her, and were preparing to give her pain medication. I started praying silently for her. I ‘saw’ in my minds eye a short tube that was transparent and I could see a 1/2″ blockage in it. The blockage was pie-shaped with the only open area a small ‘slice’ taken out of the top. As I prayed the blockage melted away.

A few minutes later the woman was saying in a concerned voice ‘the pain is getting less’. Another minute and she said ‘the pain is gone’ to the nurse. At that point I had to leave as my nurse had come back and had instructions and things for me to sign and take. I never talked to the woman, but I was happy that my cut led to helping someone else. Praise you Jesus!

Isn’t that the way? God can use any situation to have good come from it. Praise God! Amen. Alleluia!

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