Men Need to be Men

Praise the Lord! May He open our minds and hearts today. Amen.

I have come across a study that is interesting:

Robbie Low, writing in Touchstone (June 2003), points to an interesting 1994 study in Switzerland about the connection between the churchgoing habits of fathers and mothers and the effect on their children when they are grown. Here is a summary:

  • Father is a regular, mother regular or not: 66% to 75% of their children will become church goers.
  • Father is an irregular church goer, mother regular or not: 50% to 66% of their children will become church goers.
  • Father is not a church goer, mother is a regular: 33% of their children will become church goers.
  • Father and Mother not church goers: 20% of their children will become church goers.

This shows the enormous influence that the father had on the children in the family.

Now, newer research shows that men’s influence is waning. This very well could be because men are not acting like men any more. The man is responsible for the family, and is supposed to be the strong father figure, fair and honest leaders, loving their wives and families, leading the household in prayer and being a good example. It seems that nowadays that this is not so much true. This needs to stop! We need our men to be men and our women to be women. How badly men are portrayed on TV. How the man is hit from every side in the world, and the average man is buying it. Men rise up and be strong leaders especially in regards to religion in your families! Women, rise up and encourage your man to be a strong leader, and follow him.

St Paul says our fight is not with flesh and blood, but with the fallen angels. They have influenced weak minded people – both men and women, and the assault is great in our times. God is not mocked, he will remain faithful to his word. If anyone recognizing their sins, even of not being a strong man or an encouraging woman, and comes to God asking for mercy, they will receive it. But woe to the one that fails to follow the will of God, especially after receiving mercy. Such a one will be judged by God with his perfect justice.

Lord Jesus, touch everyone reading this post. Let us seek your mercy and to do penance for our offenses against you, and to always do your will. Amen.

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