Holy Is Our King

Album: Why We Worship
Song: Holy Is Our King
Artist: Rita Springer

I have been listening to this song over and over in my car the past few days. The words are beautiful and the music hauntingly stark. It is a song that gets its power from the interplay between Rita’s rugged raspy voice and the silence between the sharp piano notes.

I’m singing it even now. “Crying Holy… Holy… Holy… Is our King.”

Oh Lord You are so holy, so holy. Come into my life and all of the lives of those reading this, bring you awesome holiness to our lives. Amen.

Lyrics from the web:

“Angels gather round your throne
and around your throne they bring
Praises to the Living Word
To the awesome One they sing

Crying Holy… Holy… Holy.. Is our King.

Elders bowing at your feet
And at your feet, they bend their knees.
All creatures on the earth below
Bow before you now.

Crying Holy… Holy… Holy.. Is our King.”

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