Can’t we all just “get along” – Part 2

In part 1 we heard from St. Paul that we are to separate from us the immoral person. Here in part 2 we see that there are defined steps and actions by Jesus, and it means treating the immoral Person with love.

The steps given to us by Jesus are described in Mathew 18. Firstly, talk to the one, secondly bring several others to talk to the person, thirdly, tell the church and if the person won’t listen to the church, treat the person as a Gentile.

This latter step means treat the person with love. They cannot be admitted to communion, and we must pray for them, and do not do what they do, meaning that our association with them is limited to the things needed to convince them that they need to change. It must be by our example. We cannot judge such a one as to say they are damned, because we do not know as God knows, and who are we to condemn a person? Maybe they will repent.

Pray, pray, pray. Love the person, by telling them the truth, but first the beam must be removed from our eye, to be able to see the clearly to remove the splinter from their eye. That is, we must be living a life of holiness.

If it is a family member, we will mourn and be sad, but God is merciful, and know that God has no grandchildren, everyone is a child of God, and he cares about every soul.

Lord Jesus, bring back the wayward family member, to restore wholeness in our families. Amen

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